Fashion Design


Fashion Design Major

To cope with fashion industry's internationalization, specialization, and individualization, we are cultivating future-oriented fashion professionals that have expertise, artistic taste and practical skills.
Career Interests
fashion designer, fashion technical designer, model, grading, sample maker, inspector, costume designer, fashion accessory designer, textile designer, fashion stylist, store owner, fashion editor, fashion merchandizer, fashion visual merchandizer, etc.
Possible Certifications
fashion design engineer, computer fashion design management, fashion merchandize engineer, fashion visual merchandizer, stylist, store owner, women's wear craftsman, colorist engineer.

Fashion Stylist Major

We cultivate true fashion specialists that go through systematic work experience training and personality education, in aspiration of total fashion specialist in fashion industry by having fashion stylist work in both theory and sense.
Career Interests
fashion stylist in broadcasting, entertainment, movie industry, and theaters, stylist in fashion business, advertisement agency, cosmetic brand, wedding coordinator, model agency, fashion image consultant, fashion designer, store owner, fashion visual merchandizer, displayer, fashion journalist, etc.
Possible Certifications
fashion stylist, fashion coordination, colorist engineer, shop owner, class 3 makeup artist, nail art, fashion merchandize engineer, clothing engineer, fashion design engineer, fashion visual merchandizer computer fashion design manager.

Fashion Design Business Major

We cultivate convergence fashion experts with fashion design work ability and fashion business sense by teaching fashion design specialized courses along with fashion marketing and business courses to meet the demands of the change in the global, digitalized fashion industry.
Career Interests
fashion creative director, fashion designer, fashion merchandizer, fashion shopping mall business start-up, fashion buyer, fashion visual merchandizer, fashion editor, brand-name fashion consultant, store owner, material planning designer, textile designer, fashion accessory designer, fashion stylist, etc.
Possible Certifications
fashion design engineer, fashion merchandize engineer, computer fashion design management master, colorist engineer, store owner, visual merchandizing, computer graphics management engineer, fashion stylist.


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