Beauty Design


Skin Care Major

We cultivate workplace-optimized talent by systematically teaching basic courses for skin care like facial treatment and body treatment, and intensive major courses like medical skin care and salon treatment.
Career Interests
skin care instructor, beauty related instructor, skin care specialist, foot care specialist, aroma therapist, skin care center management, hospital coordinator, medical aesthetician (dermatology, plastic surgeon, obesity clinic), cosmetic company (trainer), skin care store manager, etc.
Possible Certifications
cosmetology license, certified skin care treatment, oriental medicine beauty massage, aroma therapist, foot care specialist, hospital coordinator, scalp and hair specialist.

Hair Art Major

We cultivate professional and creative hair art experts by systematically teaching hair-related fields like hair designing, scalp and hair care, etc.
Career Interests
professional instructor, beauty related instructor, hair stylist, hair salon, cosmetic company, scalp care specialist store, dermatologist, oriental scalp care clinic, broadcasting station, home shopping, entertainment agency, etc.
Possible Certifications
cosmetology license, certified skin care treatment, scalp and hair specialist, wig specialist, traditional hair style, hair dye specialist.

Make-up & Nail Major

Along with basic theory and training on make-up and nail, we systematically teach practice courses for chromatics, illustration, applied make-up, wedding make-up, art make-up, creative nail, applied nail care, and body art to cultivate specialized and creative artists.
Career Interests
make-up artist (TV, movie make-up artist, wedding shop, entertainment agency), nail artist, colorist, cosmetic marketing, make-up artist freelancer, make-up instructor, make-up consultant, beauty coordinator, etc.
Possible Certifications
colorist engineer, make-up artist, nail artist, air brush beauty art certificate, personal color certificate.


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